1940: Brick church building at 100 (cover of 100th anniversary booklet)

Church interior, pulpit ca. 1909

Pulpit ca. 1909 (colorized 2018 by J. M. Johnson)

Sanctuary interior, ca. 1909 (a few of these pews are still in use in the balcony)

CBC front, showing iron fence, ca. 1909

CBC from Smick Rd. northern approach (horse shed in rear), ca. 1909

CBC seen from south cemetery, looking NW, ca. 1909

CBC from Canton Drain, looking NW (horse sheds visible behind), ca. 1909

CBC southern approach from Smick Rd. (yes, that's Smick Rd.!), ca. 1909

Baptisms in Canton Drain, 1909

Baptisms in Canton Drain, showing organist with portable reed organ, 1909

Baptisms in Canton Drain, church in background, 1909

Baptism of John Franklin in Canton Drain, 1909

Baptism of Loren P. Dilks in Canton Drain, 1909

1912: "Parable of the Wheat and Tares" | Lucy Dilks, Alma Cobb, Abbie Harris, Margaret Cobb, Greta Robinson, Ida Cobb, Pearl Cobb

"Wildwood Bunch" (year, persons unknown)

Benj. Plummer's SS Class in Wildwood: (standing) J. Finlaw, W. Parkell, C. Plummer, H. Smith, L. Fogg, B. Plummer, E. Sheppard, F. Smick, (kneeling) H. Shimp, A. Fogg, L. Finlaw, H. Lark, F. Donelson, T. Elwell

8th Grade Graduation, 1945: BOTTOM: Ruth Harris, Midred Parkell, Marion Evans; 2nd ROW: Eleanor Finley, John Faichney, Doris Dawson, Elwood Sheffield, Doris Griffin; 3rd ROW: Earl Pancoast, Edward Sheffield, Donald Rhubart; TOP: Reeve Pancoast, Frank Norris, Charles Wible.

ca. 1945: Too many cooks spoil the broth? 1-Rebecca Fogg; 2-Mae Rascher; 3-Ethel Dilks; 4-Evelyn Vanneman; 5-Laura Dilks; 6-Lillian Finlaw

Sunday school 1948: BOTTOM: Leon Hill, Wallace Cates, Bill Johnson, Linwood Dilks, Joe Smick, Lester Finlaw, Albert Bell; MIDDLE: Rev. Glenn Camper, Jean Camper, Lillian Johnson, Viola Hill, Mildred Cates, Sarah Richie, Doris Bell, Jeanette Smick; TOP: Elizabeth Scull, David Dawson, Frances Hanby, Marjorie Dilks, Bill Scull, Bill Hanby, Frances Finlaw, Rena Finlaw.

Rev. Elmer E. Hall, Pastor 1907-1912

Rev. Thomas Griffith, Pastor 1914-1921

Rev. Thomas Griffith, Pastor 1914-1921 (colorized 2018 by J. M. Johnson)

Isaac Thompson, Pastor 1929-1936

Rev. Glenn Camper (1946-1949), Jean & Children

Rev. Joe Hutton (1949-1954) & Betty; Paul, Lorraine, Naomi

Rev. Joe Hutton (1949-1954) & Betty

Rev. Albert Theis (1954-1963) & family

Rev. Don Tice (1963-1965)

Rev. Bob Humphrey (1967-1970) & Sally; Sindy & Robbie

Rev. & Mrs. Winston Maricle (1976-1980); John & Tim

Rev. Kyle Fisher (1993-) & family: Wendy, Jonell, Jared, Janette, Kyle, Jeanine

Sunday school picnic, 1960s

Planning to sneak into the drive-in? Early 1960s

(1960s) Libby Scull, who served as organist for 51 years, into the 2000s

Ginni Coffin, who served as organist after her mother, Libby Scull, retired.

"Class Trip" ca. 1980?

Mandy Bowden, Susan Serfass, Chick & Linda Brown

Larry Brown lying down on the job

Tom Massey and his best friend, Spot

Carol Winchell and her dog chaperone a hay ride