About Canton Baptist

We are a small, friendly, Conservative Baptist church in the countryside of Salem County, NJ.

Please feel to call or email Pastor Kyle Fisher for information or assistance.

Quotes from the Biblical Position section
of the Church Constitution:

"We believe in the divine authorship and authority of the Bible. By this we mean the miraculous leading of the Holy Spirit in the original writing of the scriptures inasmuch as each word from cover to cover has been given by God. Therefore, it is the Bible alone that gives us the infallible rules for our faith and practice."

"We believe in one GOD existing in three equal persons: God the Holy Spirit, God the Son, and God the Father. Each of these persons are distinct from one another only in revelation of their work. We believe that Jesus Christ is the “only begotten Son of God” and that He was born of a virgin; that the life He lived was an “example” for Christians of all generations to follow; that the death and resurrection He experienced was for an atonement for sin and justification for all who would place their whole soul trust in Him alone."

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